Our top 5 UK & Ireland Team Building Locations …

May 13, 2016

Paris Stevens

Teamwork makes the dream work and location is everything! We’ve travelled the globe hosting events for a variety of companies and have a few favourites… 

There’s a lot to offer when it comes to selecting the perfect location for your team building or corporate event. The UK and Ireland, with their bustling cities full of ancient charm to their  seaside towns exploding with colour and life. Here are our top 5 UK & Ireland team building locations outside of London Town…



First up we have Dublin! The perfect location for those seeking a more relaxed team building event. This city is jam-packed with pubs and bars and is of course home to the wonderful black stuff – Guinness! This is  the city to head to for plenty of laughs and some good ol’ Irish fun. Small but mighty, Dublin is the perfect place to play our Pub Explorer challenge!

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If variety is what you’re after then we suggest checking out Oxford. This beautiful city is is full of history. One minute you could be strolling down the bustling high street, the next taking a peek down a cobbled alleyway. The perfect destination for a team building event, this city with its enigmatic charm, college gatehouses and wisteria, provides the perfect backdrop for a day of collaboration and team bonding!

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Musical, modern and multi-cultural – Manchester provides the perfect backdrop for a team event. As cities go, this one is rich in history… Once a central hub of heavy industry it’s now home to an array of museums and galleries; a shopping district to rival many others and renowned for being the city that just kept on giving when it came to popular music in the 90’s. Manchester is a city well worthy of exploration and discovery.

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Oh how we love to be beside the seaside! You don’t have to jet off overseas to be within reach of a beach. This loveable, eccentric and cosmopolitan city truly caters for all, with something unexpected  and quirky around every corner – Brighton makes for a truly unique and fun location for all manner of team events and corporate away days.

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If medieval history is what you seek then be sure to head to Edinburgh. With a reputation as one of the most beautiful and compelling cities in the world, Edinburgh is a great place to host your team building activity. A great option if you’re looking for a location with excellent eateries and interesting bars to round off your event. Insider tip: variety is the spice of life, head to Panda & Sons it may look like a Barber shop, but toddle over to the bookshelf for posh cocktails in jam jars – true Hipster vibes!

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