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Prepare for an Exciting Onboarding Journey: Crafting an Orientation Game for New Hires

In this blog, we'll explore the benefits of gamification and guide you through the steps of creating an orientation game tailored specifically to your workplace.

The Importance of New Hire Orientation: Tips for Success and Making it Fun

In this blog post, we will discuss the benefits of new hire orientation, the difference between onboarding and orientation, tips for creating a successful orientation program, and ways to make it fun and exciting.


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The Ultimate Guide for Event Managers: Revolutionize Your Tourist Attraction with the Wildgoose game creation tool

Experience the power of our revolutionary platform and customizable app that are reshaping the way event managers captivate and delight their audiences. Discover the limitless possibilities of transforming your tourist attraction with our cutting-edge technology.

The Top 5 Best Gamification Apps to Boost Employee Engagement and Learning

In this blog post, we've covered the top 5 best gamification apps currently available in the market, each with its unique features and use cases. From team building to language learning, there's an app for every need.

Leveraging Gamified Technology for Visitor Engagement in Tourist Attractions

This blog post will delve into how gamified technology can transform a simple visit into an immersive, interactive experience, ultimately leading to increased visitor numbers and satisfaction.

Unraveling the Wonders of Remote Hosts: Elevating Your In-Person Event Experience

Incorporating a Remote Host into your in-person event brings numerous benefits, unlocking new possibilities and amplifying the experience for all involved.

The 2022 Diversity & Inclusivity in the Workplace Survey

How focused are UK businesses on inclusion, diversity and equality? Discover what we found and how UK workplace culture has changed.

The 2022 UK Employee Recognition Survey

We asked employees from 133 UK companies whether they receive enough praise and appreciation, how they would react to a lack of recognition and how companies could better meet their ‘recognition needs’. Find out the results.

Outdoor Team Building Activities For Adults

We see relationships deepen as teams work together, completing challenging tasks in their chosen location that are not only mentally stimulating but give participants the chance to display knowledge and skills that wouldn’t ordinarily be needed in a workplace setting. 

Creating Sustainable Events

As we move forward as an organisation, we continue to hold sustainability as part of our core focus. We wholeheartedly believe that supporting our environment by making thoughtful, considered choices contributes to a larger positive impact. 

The Employee Mental Health & Remote Working Report

We asked employees from 129 UK companies whether their mental health at work had improved or worsened over the past year. Find out the results.

The UK Employee Support & Retention Survey

An increasing number of employees have decided to change jobs in what’s become known as the ‘Great Resignation’. We wanted to find out what employees had to say about the issue.

London’s Best Pubs 2021

It’s an age-old question, asked by after-work socialisers, shopaholics and night-owls alike: Which is the best pub in London? To find an answer, we used Tripadvisor ratings, which come from the customers themselves.

Crowd of people walking on busy city street

Top 5 Corporate Team Building Locations in the UK & Ireland

When it comes to team building locations, we've got you covered. If you're looking for a team activity or away day outside of London, this list is for you!

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